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The speech mentioned during the extraordinary period of response to the prevention and control of the coronavirus, the company adhered to the prevention and control of the epidemic to reopen the production and achieved the stable and orderly development of the company in the first half of the year in 2020. Due to the impact of the international situation in the first half of the year and the demand for production and raw materials, By June 30, 2020, the company had achieved 65% of its target. However, the company has got a good order volume at present; as a result, based on the improvement of the economic situation in the second half of the year, we believe that we can overcome the difficulties of this year with the efforts of all the staff. Moreover, the company has started to cooperate with the outsourcing resources, and the production bases will be put into use at the end of this year or next year, which will bring better operating results to the company.


2. 三季度公司经营目标



At the same time, Mr. Guo Peng proposed that all departments of the company should work together, strengthen mutual communication, avoid buckpassing, and improve production and operation efficiency to strive to achieve 90% of the company's operating targets in the third quarter. As the company currently has many new members, we hope that old employees can help new employees integrate into the team faster. In order to better optimize the business process, the company will also make organizational restructuring.




Finally, Mr. Guo Peng hopes all employees work towards our common target, complete this year’s goal, achieve fruitful results, and so that we can have a happy new year.


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